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04.02.2019, 14:51
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Познакомились на сайте: person.com
Ник/ID на сайте: 7725007
Имя: James Mcdowell
Возраст/дата рождения: 57 (4 октября 1962)
Страна: США
Штат/провинция/регион: Калифорния
город: Лос Анжелес
Телефон(ы): не знаю
Email адрес(а): j_reallove147@yahoo.com
Скайп: james.mcdowell13

Моя история:

Говорит, что он в Афганистане, скоро выйдет на пенсию. Имеет 15-летнего сына. Очень романтичный, образованный, преподносит себя как офицер армии. Пока еще не просил денег, 7 недель общались с ним. Я рада, что моя дочь еще раз проверила его для меня. Фотографии, которые он прислал мне, есть везде. Имеет несколько псевдонимов. ОТОРОЖНО с ним!

Примеры писем:


I hope you are in a very good shape and having a very nice and wonderful weekend down there in Norway ..This is James the man you corresponded with on the dating sector about an hour ago ...

I am sending you this email to tell you more about myself as promised and hope what i am about to write to pleased you as well ..

First of all , i am from USA and i am Canadian by Nationality , i am half Canadian half Italian ....I am working as a Staff Sergeant (SSG) and now working with the Canadian Army. I am the leader of my squad. I am a non commission officer,I work in the junior management of the military and I have been working with the Canadian Army for 32 years now.I am currently in Afghanistan now but stationed in Kabul(capital of Afghan) on a peace keeping mission..Have you met or chatted with any man who also works as a Military man before ?

I love to learn and its a always a great achievement for me whenever I make it happen. I enjoy riding my bike around in the city, even though I occasionally find myself educating cabbies and like on how to behave in traffic. I love traveling,known and unknown in nature, life and people. Am a "down-to-earth" person with no pretensions.Am a peaceful person who likes to bring people together and to enjoy the simple things in life, hanging out with friends, eating all kinds of food, seeing movies, etc. But i also like to broaden my horizons and travel to different parts of the world when I can.

I enjoy traveling and exploring new places, everything from exotic trips to jumping in the car and seeing what is around the next corner and would love to share that with someone who feels the same way, i enjoy all types of music, concerts, live theater, movies, having great conversations and listening to other people's perspectives. I enjoy many types of music from easy listening jazz to classical to country western especially Ian Tyson. Love old movies, scrabble and nature. I enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle and like to keep myself busy with projects and activities.I look into the future with hope and would like to create a relationship based on respect, understanding, trust and love. Seeking a relationship with longevity and not just something that will end in just a blink of an eye.

I believe in honor, manners, ethics and treating people with respect and look for the same qualities in them too. I also have a quiet side and am quite content staying home especially if I have someone to snuggle up with. I pride myself in being independent both emotionally and financially. I have reached the point where i am looking for someone who is open to a new friendship and may be even a committed relationship.I was never brought up to lie so i just cant afford to be lied to. I have always disliked people who lied and play with the emotions and feelings of serious ones.

I have so much love and care in me that am ever ready to share with my ideal partner who is also ever ready to love me for what i am and not for what i have. We would need to love each other for what we are and appreciate that none of us is perfect and sometimes we all have our bad day. I'm ready to falling in love with someone special who ever that happens to be. Am not looking to fill a void in my life, am looking for my soul mate. I am young looking for my age to which I am very grateful for.

I do not play mind games and I cant afford to be played as that will be really hard on me. What you read is what you get from me and and that is exactly what am made of. So that is me. I do want somebody that I can chill with at home as well if we go for a night in the town for a nice meal concert or to the museums and movies. That's basically me!

I am looking for a capable woman, who is at ease without having lost her curiosity. I think i am writing too much , i would love to bring my mail to an end now ...I am looking forward to hearing from you shortly..I hope you like what you read ...I hope you are going to write me back telling me everything about you too and of course attaching some pictures of you too ....I would also love to chat with you on skype so if you have a skype id kindly give me your skype name for me to add you for us to chat on skype instantly ... Take care and have a blissful weekend
Kindest Regard xx

04.02.2019, 15:28
Спасибо за ваш интересный и важный пост.